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Score: Machinarium's Clockwork

Machinarium is a very quirky point-and-click adventure that stands out in art, character design and atmosphere in many ways. It's not heavy on story, although what story is there is done humorously through thought bubble. But's mostly a game of creative puzzles. For a person that's not a fan of the genre, I really like the game.

Tomas Dvorak's soundtrack pops with personality. There are a many mechanical sounds and synthesized tones and vocals to fit the world of the game. The game's score shifts from being ambient and simple in moments to being very rhythmically active and at it's most interesting. I'm a big fan of the many percussive elements and instrumentaions; which you'll hear a sampling of below. It's easily one of the more unique soundtracks I've come across and has been an instant favorite.

As a sampling I'm a sharing a couple of favorites. "Clockwise Operetta" and one it's remixes "Defusing The Bomb" (from the bonus EP) represent some really interesting rhytmic samplings in the game contrasting the mechnical beat of a clock with a flurry over it. Dvorak exaplsins "Clockwise" to GameSetWatch:

I don’t like operetta too much. The irony is there's a robot singing in this song. The sound is made by an old Apple speech synthesizer. Nowadays you have speech synthesizers that sound very clear, but this one is very old. I like it because it really has this robot feeling. I made up some imaginary text and gave it to the speech synthesizer to sing. The tune was then totally re-composed.

Another theme that inspired “Clockwise Operetta” is the sound of ticking clocks in the background. I don’t know if you know the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange? I wanted it to have a little of that feeling, of not being taken seriously. It’s making fun a bit of classical operetta music. Instead of a real singer, it’s a robot that sings this tune with the piano and clarinet.

The bonus EP also features "The Robot Band Tune," a song from the robot trio encountered in the game. It combines drumkit and saxophone with a droing tone underscoring it all.





"Clockwise Operetta" by Tomas Dvorak





"Defusing The Bomb" by Tomas Dvorak





"The Robot Band Tune"  by Tomas Dvorak

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